Rs.750Crore In Bus Conductor House Jolt In Karnataka Politics

He is a regular bus conductor in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC).IT officials recently raided his home.

 Rs.750crore In Bus Conductor House Jolt In Karnataka

The news went viral after the raids, as a regular bus conductor spotted a burglar worth Rs 750 crore at home.A total of 47 rides were conducted.

No matter how many retailers the conductor lags behind.there is no doubt that anyone can accumulate all the assets.

However, the BMTC employee worked in the CM’s office for a few years on deputation.

He was taken from BMTC for work in the CM’s office.

The story has changed whether it was taken strategically or not but in a recent IT raid on the home of a BMTC employee named MR Umesh, Rs 750 crore worth of pirates were spotted.It also contains huge amounts of gold.

It is noteworthy that now this affair is shaking Karnataka politics again and again.The talk is that Yediyurappa and Siddaramaiah has joined hands with IT raids on Umesh.

Another former chief minister, Kumaraswamy, alleged that Yediyurappa and Siddaramaiah had already met once.

Siddaramaiah, however, denied the allegations.

He challenged that he would withdraw from politics if he could prove that he had met Yediyurappa.Umesh, a BMTC employee, is rumored to have played a key role in some of the scams while working in the CM’s office.

Speculations are rife that this minor employee did a lot of big things, especially during Yeddyurappa’s tenure as CM, and played a major role in the scams by acting as an aide to Yediyurappa.Umesh is alleged to have had an affair with Yediyurappa’s son Vijayendra.

BJP leaders have also in the past highlighted allegations that Yediyurappa was complicit in a scam led by Vijayendra Umesh.The good news is that Umesh has been working in the CM’s office even after Bommai recently took over as the CM for Karnataka.

It was only after the IT raids that Umesh canceled his deputation and BMTC withdrew.Karnataka politics is now heating up with this affair.Rs.750Crores in Bus Conductor House, Bus Conductor House, Karnataka Politics, Karnataka , Yediyurappa, Yediyurappa’s son Vijayendra, Umesh, Siddaramaiah, Kumaraswamy, Kannada Politics #BusConductor #Bangalore #Karnataka #Politics #BMTC telugu-title:కన్నడ పాలిటిక్స్‌లో భారీ కుదుపు.సాధారణ బస్ కండక్టర్ ఇంట్లో రూ.750 కోట్లు Publish:Swapna

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