Rs.1.57 Cr. Seized In The Run-up To Huzurabad By-poll

All the political parties in Telangana are getting ready for the forthcoming Huzurabad by-polls.According to the Karimnagar district election officer, Rs.1,57,18,727 cash has been Seized so far at check posts by the vigilance and police teams set up in the wake of the Huzurabad by-election.

 Rs.1.57 Cr. Seized In The Run-up To Huzurabad

The District Collector said that check-posts have been set up at various places as politicians influence people during these times in the wake of the Huzarabad by-election.

He said static surveillance teams, police checking teams and flying squads were set up and carried out thorough inspections.He said a large amount of cash and liquor were Seized during the inspections.

Speaking on this occasion, the district collector said that Rs.1,57,18,727 cash, 30 grams of gold worth Rs.1,50,000 and 14 kg of silver worth Rs.9,10,000 was Seized during inspections.The collector said that the police Seized 900 litres of liquor worth Rs 5,34,667.

The collector said that they have also Seized 66 sarees, and 50 shirts worth Rs 2,21,000.Also, he said that 3.51 kg of cannabis worth Rs 19,750 was Seized.The Huzurabad by-polls will be held on October 30, and the counting of votes will take place on November 2.

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