Google Now Has Robots That Open The Doors, Clean Tables And Sort Trash.

San Francisco, November 20, 2018 : A fleet of over 100 autonomous Robots is performing tasks in the US Google office, including wiping Tables and opening doors.
Alphabet, Google’s parent company has announced that the ‘Everyday Robots Project’ team from its experimental X Labs has relocated some prototypes of their Robots and is now performing useful tasks on Google’s Bay Area campus campuses.

 Google Now Has Robots That Open The Doors, Clean Tables And Sort

Hans Peter Brondmo is Chief Robot Officer.

He stated that the robot can be outfitted with a squeegee for cleaning trash and the gripper to grasp cups to learn how to open doors.

Alphabet developed an integrated software and hardware system for learning over the past few years.This includes the transfer of learning from the virtual to the real world.

Robots can be equipped with multiple cameras and sensors that allow them to see the surrounding world.

The company stated that Robots are able to learn from their environment and have improved their ability to perform everyday tasks by using a variety of machine learning methods, including reinforcement learning, collaborative learning and learning through demonstration.

Mountain View Googlers may see the prototype Robots cleaning up after their lunches in cafes or checking if there are any chairs missing.

Brondmo stated, “Over the course of time, they will expand the types and buildings where they operate.We look forward to sharing updates on our journey over coming months and years.”

A single robot can learn how to open doors.It has a 90% success rate and takes less than one day of learning in real-world situations.

He added, “Even better, we have demonstrated that we can use the algorithms and lessons from door opening to apply them in a new task: straightening chairs in cafes.”

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