River Thames\' Source Moves 8km Downstream For 1st Time In History

River Thames’ source moves 8km further downstream, for the first time in the course of

London 6 August : The Source of the River Thames in England has moved 8 kilometers Downstream for the first time in its history.
While some parts of the riverbed in Gloucestershire often dry out in summer, experts claimed it was a indication of the effects of the climate crisis to witness the Thames begin to flow further Downstream, as reported by the news agency dpa.

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It comes following several weeks of dry spells and temperatures that reached in the region of 40 ° Celsius in regions of the UK this month.

Christine Colvin, advocacy and engagement director of the Rivers Trust, said: “What we’re seeing at Source of the famous River Thames is sadly emblematic of the current situation across the nation, right now and in the near future.

“Whilst it’s not unusual for the River to dry in the summer, only witnessing the River flow 5 miles Downstream is unheard of.

“The climate crisis is causing to and may lead to more severe weather, including heatwaves and droughts.

“This poses a significant danger to rivers and consequently, the entire landscape.”

The Rivers Trust is calling for the accelerated metering process, quick reduction in leakage, and assistance for households in reducing consumption of water, for example the installation of low flow toilets, water butts, as well as sustainable drainage, including rain gardens, wetlands, and permeable paving to create local reserves of water that is underground.

The origin of the Thames has moved to the east from Kemble which is located south of Cirencester and beyond Somerford Keynes.

Chairman of the Parish Council John Whitwell said the shallow riverbed in Somerford Keynes tended to dry out in the summer months.

He told me: “I notice it because I often walk along the Thames path with my dog and she enjoys the water, which, clearly, she can’t do when it’s dry.”

The River Thames is traditionally about 215 miles long and runs to the east of the Cotswolds all the way to London and out to the North Sea.

It is the second-longest River in the UK after the Severn it is the site of the annual boat race that takes place between Oxford and Cambridge.

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