Rita Ora Reveals Prioritising Her Mental Health Is Proudest Achievement Of 2023

Rita Ora reveals prioritising her mental health is proudest achievement of 2023

Los Angeles, Dec 18 : Pop star Rita Ora is proud of herself for “prioritising” her mental health throughout 2023 and is “excited” to start work on her next album in the new year.

 Rita Ora Reveals Prioritising Her Mental Health Is Proudest Achievement Of 2023-TeluguStop.com

Rita reflected that this year she has been looking after herself more than ever and has tried to stay on a “clean path” for the sake of her well being.

Asked what is her proudest achievement of 2023, she told Spotify: “Making it through emotionally, mentally and physically.I’ve been prioritising my mental health, working out and not being as crazy and focused on other things and trying to stay down a clean path.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Anywhere’ hitmaker is due to start work on her fourth studio album in January and is feeling “excited” to get going with the project as she teased that she also has a “couple of films” in the pipeline, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She said: “I am really excited.I just want to keep going now.I just don’t want to stop.I am doing a couple of films next year too.”

Rita recently explained that she has learned to live in the present because no one actually has any idea what will happen in the future.

Asked what advice she’d give to someone who is uncertain about their future, Rita told Blag Magazine: “What’s the point? Because you would never know anyway what your future holds.So what’s the point of being uncertain?

“I know this thing that my therapist tells me all the time.It’s like, why put your body through something twice? You know when you have stress about the future or the past.It’s like your body doesn’t really know the difference.

“So if you can avoid putting your body through something twice, you should really try and do that.So that’s what I’ve been working on.So it’d be probably like, what’s the point? Just try and do what you can in that moment you’re in, rather than worrying about what’s going to happen in the future.Therapist’s words, not mine!”



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