Rishi Kapoor slams haters “just shut the f**k up”       2016-12-22   00:37:55  IST  Raghu V

Senior Bollywood hero Rishi Kapoor is known for his frank statements. He never minces words and try to be diplomatic when it comes to express himself. In a recent development Rishi Kapoor slammed the netizens for trolling Saif – Kareena couple’s baby boy for a weird name. It is known that Kareena delivered a baby boy two days ago and the couple named the baby as ‘Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi’.

Immediately after the announcement congratulations poured in for the celebrity couple. On the other hand twitter started trolling the name ‘Taimur’. The meaning of Urdu word Taimur is ‘iron’… this is one reason. Second reason goes like this. Timur is Mongolian invader who invaded Delhi in 14 th Century. So there was severe criticism on Saif and Kareena and several jokes circulated in the social media.

Reacting on this episode Rishi Kapoor tweeted that “You mind you bloody business. They are not naming your son right.. Who are you to comment”, ” Alexander, Sikandar were not saints but they were common names in the world, Mind your business, what trouble do you have with that name?” “A lot of people are going to be blocked if arguments happen, just shut the F**K UP”.