Rioters Will Be Hanged Upside Down, If Bjp Comes To Power In 2025: Shah In Bihar

Rioters will be hanged upside down, if BJP comes to power in 2025: Shah in Bihar

Patna, April 2 : Days after communal violences were reported from Sasaram and Nalanda in Bihar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said that rioters will be hanged upside down, if BJP comes to power in the state in 2025.

 Rioters Will Be Hanged Upside Down, If Bjp Comes To Power In 2025: Shah In

Shah also claimed that riots have never happened in the BJP government.

While addressing a rally in Hisua block in Bihar’s Nawada district, Shah said that riots have taken place in Bihar’s Sasaram and Nalanda districts.

“I have a programme in Sasaram to celebrate the birth anniversary of Samrat Ashok but it was unfortunate that I did not go there.The situation is not normal in Sasaram.Firing took place on the day of Ram Navami march.I apologise to the people of Sasaram and also promise them that I will return for a rally at that place,” Shah said.

“After the violence in Sasaram and Nalanda, I contacted the Bihar governor and raised concern about the law and order situation of these two places but JD-U national president Lalan Singh felt bad.The Nitish Kumar government has failed over the law and order situation in these two places.As I am a Union Home Minister and Bihar is a part of our country, I have to be concerned about it,” Shah said.

“We never do the politics of votes.If our government is formed in the Centre in 2024 and the BJP government in Bihar in 2025, we will hang the rioters upside down.Bihar is burning due to riots.I pray to God that the situation normalises soon,” he said.

“I want to tell you that half of the JD-U MPs are knocking the door of BJP but I want to make it clear that the alliance will never happen with Nitish Kumar in future.The door of BJP for Nitish Kumar is closed for ever and no one should remain in confusion that BJP would allow him inside the NDA post 2024 Lok Sabha election.

We will not go with Nitish Kumar who is responsible for poisoning the society on the basis of castes and Lalu Prasad Yadav who is known as the leader of corruption.The government of Mahagathbandhan will fall before the 2024 Lok Sabha election,” Shah said.

“Nitish Kumar is sitting in the lap of corrupt leader Lalu Prasad Yadav.He cannot bring peace in Bihar.

The hunger of power forced Nitish Kumar to sit in the lap of Lalu Prasad Yadav but we have no such compulsions.We will go before the people of Bihar and uproot this government,” he said.

Shah also said that Bihar has a ‘BAD’ government.While elaborating BAD, he said: “B stands for Bharashtachar, A stands for Arajakta and D stands for Daman.The Nitish Kumar government is running on these three policies.We have to uproot this ‘BAD’ government.”

“Lalu Prasad Yadav is living in confusion that Nitish Kumar will make his son a chief minister of Bihar.Lalu Ji, you know Nitish Kumar.He will never become the prime minister of the country and hence your son will never become the chief minister of Bihar,” Shah said.

“I am surprised with Nitish Kumar’s greediness for power.Lalu’s son Tejashwi Yadav pronounced him ‘Paltu Chacha’, cheater, greedy, arrogant and chameleon.Still, Nitish Kumar goes with him for the hunger of power,” he added.


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