Ricky Gervais Is The Creator Of Comedy Series “Greenlight – German Genius”, Which Is Based On His Tweets

Los Angeles, Nov 26, : Ricky Gervais, comedian, has boarded “Greenlight – German Genius”, a new series by WarnerMedia Germany that was inspired by one his Tweets in 2019.
Variety.com reports that the eight-part series has begun filming in Berlin.

 Ricky Gervais Is The Creator Of Comedy Series “greenlight – German Genius”, Which Is Based On His Tweets-TeluguStop.com

Two years ago, the ‘After Life” writer and actor sent a tweet to Kida Ramadan, praising his portrayal as Toni Hamady from series ‘4 Blocks.

“Congratulations.Gervais wrote, “Another masterpiece.”

Ramadan and Gervais will now be portrayed as fictionalized versions of themselves in “Greenlight – German Genius”.After Gervais sends Ramadan a tweet praiseing his performance in “4 Blocks”, Ramadan convinces Gervais to allow Gervais to make a German adaptation.

Ramadan comes across a stumblingblock when he realizes that there aren’t any German celebrities to appear in the adaptation.

He also has to navigate the turbulent waters of the German television industry.

Detlev Buck and Frederick Lau will appear in the series.

Olli Schulz and Heike Makatsch will also be appearing.

“Greenlight – German genius” is produced by Warner TV Comedy, W&B Television, in collaboration with CAB Film and Macadamia and Mothermilk, and in collaboration with BBC Studios Germany (BBC Studios Germany) and Studio Babelsberg.

The scripts were written by Detlev Buck and Cuneyt Kaya.Constantin Lieb, Seraina Nyikos, and Cuneyt Kaya directed.

Anke Greifeneder (VP of original production, WarnerMedia) said that ‘Greenlight-German Genius’ is a comedy about the German media landscape.

The tweet by Ricky Gervais actually happened and led to the idea of the series.

We are thrilled to have attracted this stellar cast after the mockumentary “Other Parents” (‘Andere Eltern) and the dramedy “The Mopes”.

Quirin Berg, W&B Television’s producer and managing director, and LEONINE Studios’s executive producer, said: “What would 4 Blocks’ be like without Toni Hamady?” It’s hard to imagine.What would Toni Hamady do without “4 Blocks?” It’s a fascinating question that gives rise to a fascinating snapshot of our industry.It’s funny, new and features a sensational ensemble “taken directly from the life of Kida Ramadan,” a self-reflective lead actor.

Berg, Max Wiedemann and Angelique Kommer co-produce alongside Hannes Heyelmann for Warner TV Comedy.


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