RGV Interviews Rapist Chenna Keshavulu Wife! Announces Film On DISHA Incident  

Irrespective of the number of disasters at the box-office, once an ace director, now a controversialist Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV, somehow manages to pull a decent crowd to his films on the first day.Even after giving a string of disasters at the box office, the director did not back-off.

Rgv Interviews Rapist Chenna Keshavulu Wife! Announces Film On Disha Incident

Failing to come up with new and intriguing scripts, RGV is relying greatly on real-life incidents for his films.

RGV took to Twitter to share that he is working on a new film, and it would be based on the DISHA incident that shook the entire nation.

Not only that, but he also posted a pic, in which he was seen talking to the wife of Chenna Keshavulu, one of the four criminals, who took part in the heinous crime.

Just like everyone has their set of supporters, RGV’s supporters welcomed the director heaping praises on him.

While people with radical thinking did not take long, slamming the director for his intentions in making out money from such gruesome incidents.Guess it is time for the Telugu audience to realize the motive of RGV, and take the appropriate decision.

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