RGV & Renu supports Boothu show     2015-02-06   08:52:46  IST  Raghu V

Well, the duo is not teaming up for any project but they have shared similar reaction on the ongoing AIB controversy. Pawan ex-wife Renu Desai came in support of the controversial show ‘All India Bakchod’ (AIB) which was being targeted for using explicit language in the AIB Knockout.

Renu slams the double standards where people accept dancing for ‘Sheela Ki Jawani’ item number during Ganesh Charuthi Utsav but attacking the show in the name of cultural terrorism.

Now maverick director RGV came to support the show and the director who always maintains rivalry with the host of the show Karan Johar praised him for taking part in the show

Below are the series of tweets made by RGV & Renu while supporting the Boothu show.

Renu desai:

‘’Just a milder version of Charlie Hebedo. RIP humour & freedom of speech & They gave the money to charity“@AllIndiaBakchod:”

‘’Songs like Sheela ki jawani & Honey singh songs r ok & can be played by young kids during Ganpati also.but one AIB roast gets everyone hyper & all people who got offended with words like Mother***,ass***,etc r behaving like holy saints as if since college they never used bad words! AIB’’

here is what RGV has to say about the show.

‘’The AiB show is final proof thy India has finally come of age and I truly appreciate Karan for taking the plunge or more correctly the leap’’

‘’Karan took the lid off of a volcano of lies and hypocrisies and history will remember him as the guy who invented a new India’’

Anyone who condemns Karan’s AIB Show whether from government or various organisations are just the figure heads of repressive regressions

The sheer popularity of the AIB also should be a call to the censor board to wake up smell the coffee and look out the window at a new India

I feel what Karan did in AIB in time will most certainly have a irreversible Before Karan/After Karan effect on the way India looks at itself For me AIB is not a comedy show..its a kj’s philosophical treatise on uprooting a hypocritical society and to grow an all new one’

Let us see how this issue is going to end then.