Revealed : The Age When Women Get More Orgasms  

People generally try to generalise by saying the young women get better, quicker more number of orgasms than the middle group and and veteran group.Anyone with this judgement is truly impulsive.

For a fact check, women after mid 30s get more orgasms, says a group of researchers in London.

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The research group have conducted a study on 2600 women who belong to three age categories, below 23, 23-35 and 36+.7 our of 10 in both below 23 and above 36 groups have said that they are satisfied with their appearance or looks.Surprisingly, the 23-35 age group, who are engaged and married and live a young relationship status are not that happy with their appearance.

Only 4 out of 10 were happy.

When it comes to orgasm, 6 out 10 in the group of 36+ have said that they get orgasms much often and much easily.

Shockingly, the count is less in below 23 group and 23-35 group.See how different general perception and actual scenario is.

Besides, the women above 36 have also stated that they participate in more number of lovemaking sessions.86% of women in the veteran group are as active as they had great “s*x sessions” in a month.This statistic falls down to 76% and 56% in the middle and younger groups respectively.

Ask why so much difference? Why love making is a wine for women ? The older the better ? An author take, it’s simple, women get more experienced with time.They start dealing with things much effectively in the mid 30s.Moreover, they feel comfortable with their bodies, understand the fact they have to be okay with what they have and what works for her partner.

So, there are more chances of enjoying the love making life to the full after 36.