Reusing Oil Dangerous For Health

Reusing Oil Dangerous for Health

It is customary for many to reuse leftover oil whenever making homemade pakodas, puris or any other fried food, and do so to cut costs due to the high cost of cooking oils.But did you know that this habit can be dangerous to your health? Let us now find out how much repeated use of once used oil is harmful to health.

 Reusing Oil Dangerous For

Also what to do with the remaining oil after cooking? Let us now know the special things about the use of that oil.Once the cooking oils are melted, the amount of trans-fatty acids in that oil starts to increase.Doctors say it is not good for health and should not be reused.Do not reheat, especially in cold pressed oils as smoking points are very low.

Vegetable oils such as mustard oil and rice bran oil can be used interchangeably.However, experts say that it is not as good as it used to be.Prolonged use of such oils can be harmful.These free radicals turn into carcinogens that affect the body.

In addition, there is a risk of problems such as high cholesterol.Many people suffer from sore throat and heart disease as a result of repeated use of the oil.Experts say that the oil does not even need to be heated to the smoking point.

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