Reasons Behind Indian Millionaires Leaving India

It seems that the rich in India are leaving the country one by one.All of them are not going to cheat the banks and the government here.They are not thieves.They are not tax evaders.Some may have done so.But, it is wrong to think that everyone will do so.

 Reasons Behind Indian Millionaires Leaving

However, Indians are increasingly interested in leaving their mother, hometown and home country and settling abroad.Do you want to know why? Read this story.Several surveys have revealed that two out of every hundred rich people in our country leave the country.This is not the best word.The center has also confirmed this.Since the arrival of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the country, in just four years since 2014, 23 thousand people have crossed the country.

It accounts for 2 percent of the country’s millionaire population.If not, it would be a mistake to think that the rich are losing money.

There are many reasons for all of them to leave India.Experts also say that the desire to own the weightage of the passports of some countries is also a factor.

For example, if you have an Austrian passport, you can travel to 189 countries without a visa.The same country can only travel to 58 countries on a passport.

If you have citizenship of countries like Austria and Malta in the European Union, you can stay anywhere in the EU.

That is why Indian millionaires are trying hard for citizenship of countries like Austria, Malta and Turkey.However, due to the political and social conditions in our country, many rich people are going abroad.The Center does not answer the question as to why the rich in our country are going abroad.

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