Reasons And Symptoms Of Dehydration  

You know what is dehydration and how does it come.It’s simple.You are either not taking enough water intake of you are releasing too much water intake through urine, saliva or sweat.But how does this happen ? In what ways and what are the symptoms of Dehydration ?

* Don’t you feel the hangover if in case you had too much alcohol last night ? Ever wondered why this happens and how this happens ? It’s because of dehydration.Yes, alcohol is diuretic.It makes a human body pee more and more.

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This causes dehydration and because of it, you feel the hangover.

* Diarrhea is another cause of dehydration.

This should not surprise you.Few may think what diarrhea is not really connect to fluids but it does.

Diarrhea almost empties the water in your body making it dehydrated.

* Sweating too much also causes dehydration since sweat is nothing but a body fluid coming out of sweat glands.

Do you know how sun stroke strikes ? It happens when your body exhibited so much sweat because of the heat that, it is unable to produce more sweat because of dehydration.

* Need not tell in special but vomiting chases dehydration.

You need no scientific explanation behind this as you directly see the fluids coming out of your body through vomit.

* Diabetes makes people pee more often.

Here a human body releases more urine than what a healthy man does.It means, you are releasing more fluid than the required.

Need to say what happens next ? Dehydration.

Symptoms :

* Dry skin
* Muscle cramps
* Dark yellow pee
* Rapid heart beat and breath rate
* Fatigue and insomnia
* Dry mouth and tongue
* Excess thirst
* Not much crave to pee
* Not many tears coming out while you cry


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