Real Estate Rates In Andhra Pradesh To Escalate Sky High!

Real estate Rates In Andhra Pradesh To escalate sky high!

Those who want to make investments prefer Gold and land as the risk factor will be less and the returns will be high.Due to the growing population and needs the lands on the outskirts of big cities are also seeing a big rise in its rate as it is almost impossible to buy land in the cities.

 Real Estate Rates In Andhra Pradesh To Escalate Sky High!

Talking about Andhra Pradesh the land rates in a few areas saw wings when the state was bifurcated as there were reports of the capital city coming to this area.Finally, the suspense ended with the previous government announcing Amaravati as the capital city of the state.

As a result, the land rates increased massively and the land rates in a few areas increased with the current government bating for three capitals for decentralisation of development rather than focusing on the Amaravati region alone.

Now the land rates in AP are going to see wings with the new decision of the state government.

The ruling party gave its nod to increase the land rates in areas that are close to the SEZs.Based on the reports submitted by the district-level committees headed by joint collectors, the government took the decision.

The new rates will come into effect from tomorrow, i.e.June 1st, and the concerned District Registrars have been informed about this by the Andhra Pradesh Stamps and Registration Department.The rates would be increased by 29 to 31 percent.

It is known that the government announced new districts for ease of development and executive powers.The maps have changed and the new district headquarters came into existence.

Keeping this in mind the decision was taken.

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