Raviteja Is Not Changing His Foolish Attitude

Raviteja is not changing his foolish attitude

Actor Raviteja took a long break after the film KICK2 went in disaster for him almost 2 and half years back.He came back with the movie Raja The Great, Though his fans say Raviteja made his best out of this movie with a huge late because of the world tour he went but the serious fact here is that Raviteja waited for 14+ months just because none of the producers are ready to offer a huge remuneration for him

 Raviteja Is Not Changing His Foolish Attitude-TeluguStop.com

This kind of talk prevailed at those times in Film nagar as well.

Ok the producer Dil Raju finally gave Ravi an amount of 10Crore for Raja The Great and they finally made this film.Though after a bigger positive talk and all movie did not go complete break even in all areas

Raviteja has no market of greater taste and he is not understanding it at all.Currently, the hero is completely demanding 10 crore rupees at any cost.Recently the producer Ram Talari paid him the total amount for the movie with Kalyan krishna.

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