Rana As Baldev Will Remain For Long Time – Aranya Teaser  

Tollywood hot Hunk Daggubati Rana is a versatile and creative actor.Every film of his brings out a new dimension in him and surely takes us by surprise.

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His upcoming film Aranya (Haathi Mere Saathi in Hindi, and Kaandan in Tamil), is another such adventure of Rana at the box office.

The trilingual film is set to hit theatres on April 2 2020.

With 2 years in production due to technical delays and other factors, the film is finally seeing the light.The movie’s teaser that released last evening has shown Rana in a manner never seen before.

Rana is playing the role of Baldev, a tribe who forges a deep relationship with the elephants.The teaser displays the fascinating relationship shared by elephants and Rana as Baldev.

The teaser reveals a conflict between Baldev and the modern world.‘With Rana as Baldev being the Elephant saviour in the film and Real Estate Mafia trying to capture the forest by driving away from the mammoths, intense action is ought to unfold on the silver screen’, opined trade circles.