Ram Gopal Varma wants to touch Megastar’s feet       2016-12-27   22:41:49  IST  Raghu V

Bollywood Megastar Aamir Khan is again minting hundreds of crores from boxoffice. His latest, Dangal has gripped the entire nation in spellbounding experience. Dangal, just in 5 days, has collected over 300cr Worldwide gross ringing danger bells to the lifetime record of Aamir Khan’s own film, PK.

Ram Gopal Varma, who happened to watch the new age classic Dangal yesterday, showered praising on Aamir Khan. The director even went on saying that he wants to touch Aamir Khan’s feet for his sincerity. He added, only Aamir Khan movies make the world take India seriously and the others make it look like a regressive film nation.

“Just saw Dangal n zapped with Aamir’s belief in Indian audience’s intelligence that they can make such a niche idea into such a massive film. Super stars never grew up beyond wanting to look forever young n wanting to show 6 packs even after 50 n then comes fucking Aamir in Dangal.

Want to touch Aamir’s feet for his ever growing sincierity which was always there but it impossibly seems to be growing taller and taller. Other Khan’s presuppose the audience to be dumb which I too think they are but

Aamir respects n caters to their intelligence hidden behind. Aamir khan’s films force the world to take india seriously and the other Khan’s films make india look like a Choothiya regressive country.

Which Star of Bollywood since Alam Ara would have taken a decision of putting on weight to look like a father of grown up daughters ?

Seeing Dangal I feel all us in entire industry including other khans should learn gymnastic martial arts and kick ourselves on our asses” the series of tweets RGV made on Aamir and Dangal.