Cherry is getting ready to shock Kollywood !     2016-12-20   23:18:25  IST  Raghu V

Mega Power star Ram Charan is relieved with the positive response of Dhruva as his two earlier films disappointed fans. Even though Dhruva has to collect 10 plus crore to break even, Ram Charan is a happy man considering demonetization effect. It seems Charan became super confident with Dhruva as the recent update from Film Nagar suggests that his Thoofan(Janzeer) movie is getting dubbed into Tamil.

It is known that Janzeer(2013) was a forgettable film in Charan’s career as the film was his Bollywood entry. Made as a remake of super hit film Janzeer starring Amitabh Bachchan, the film failed at the box office miserably and he has attracted wide criticism for remaking a classic Bollywood film. Forget about that now. The film makers have decided to release the film with the title ‘Super Police’ and they are planning to release the film soon.

We have to wait and see how Tamil audience can withstand Charan’s Thoofan, as they have already hit with Vardah cyclone and they are coming back to normalcy slowly !