Ram Charan is Ready for Multistarrer with Mahesh Babu       2017-01-03   23:38:55  IST  Raghu V

Now and then, we have seen Ram Charan speaking good things about Mahesh Babu. That was looking formal as every actor speak about the other naturally.

But as a surprise, very recently we came to know about the informal relationship between Superstar and Megapower Star. They went places to spend holidays together. Seeing their moments, you can’t lie about having a thought of multistarrer by them.

Out of curiosity, a fan asked Ram Charan whether he would be ready to act in a multistarrer with Mahesh Babu. Ram Charan, without any hesitation said yes, but only if suitable content comes their way.

Charan opined that content is more important than combination and friendship, when it comes to filmmaking. So, what Telugu writers and filmmakers are waiting for ? Write something exciting for them.