Rajeev Kanakala Shocking Comments On Rajamouli

Rajeev kanakala Shocking Comments on Rajamouli

Leading actor Rajiv Kanakala has acted in many films directed by Rajamouli from Student No.1 to RRR.Rajiv Kanakala was also one of the people who saw Rajamouli closely.In an interview, Rajiv Kanakala said about Rajamouli that Jakkanna is a man of demons who makes gods.Rajeev Kanakala said that Jakkanna Vision was big during the Student No.1 movie.Rajeev Kanakala said that Rajamouli had prepared the scenes for his next films during 2002.Rajiv Kanakala said that he had never seen such a person that Rajamouli would think of as a 24 hour movie.

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Rajeev said that Rajamouli would notice the expressions of the others while describing the scene.Rajeev said that Rajamouli also makes sure that there are as many scenes in the case of heroes as the fan loves the hero.

Rajiv revealed that junior NTR has a lot of morale and perseverance.Rajeev said that he would complete the scenes by saying that Junior NTR came from Kuchipudi back drop saying that Junior NTR was monotonous and that NTR would take it with his fingers.

He said that NTR will be in a way that he does not understand when he learned.Rajamouli and NTR are very close to Rajeev kanakala.

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