Rajamouli suggestions helped us to complete Shatakarni fast : Krish     2017-01-10   01:58:22  IST  Raghu V

Director Krish surprised everybody when he got the opportunity to director Nandamuri Balakrishna’s landmark 100th film. Krish made ‘Gautami Putra Shatakarni’ with a career high budget of Balayya. He completed the shoot within just 8 months, which is a rare feat considering the historical subject and complexities involved in the making. Right from the first look everything impressed the audience including the teaser thereby increasing expectations on the film.

Ever since the trailer of Shatakarni released there has been several comparisons with Baahubali. People started praising Krish for his fast completion and they are criticizing Rajamouli for taking 4 years for Bahubali 1 & 2. Some people called Krish is a better director than Rajamouli. Interestingly Krish recently responded on these comments and said that Rajamouli’s suggestions that actually helped Shatakarni for fast completion.

He said that I have met Rajamouli before start of the film and narrated the whole story of Shatakarni. After listening to the story, he suggested to make the movie realistically and asked us not to depend too much on visual effects. So post production time reduced drastically. So the film completed fast and within limited budget. Krish said that Baahubali is a fantasy movie which requires more visual effects, whereas Shatakarni is real story so both are different.

People should understand to respect our talented directors, there is no need to draw unnecessary comparisons.