Raftaar, Kr$na Cook Up Gangsta-freestyle In New Collaborative Single ‘Woh Raat’

Raftaar, Kr$na cook up gangsta-freestyle in new collaborative single ‘Woh Raat’

New Delhi, Nov 16 : Rappers Raftaar and Kr$na have gone full freestyle and hardcore gangsta in their latest hip-hop song ‘Woh Raat’.

 Raftaar, Kr$na Cook Up Gangsta-freestyle In New Collaborative Single ‘woh Raat-TeluguStop.com

Dance, swag, bling, and style, ‘Woh Raat’ not only has all these elements, but also packs in a huge desi touch which makes it even more relatable.

For any rap fan looking for an extra fiery edge, this may be the track they can jam to.

The instrumentation is purely electronic and uses a bunch of ambient pop sounds, muffled samples, some singing, and a booming bass with computer generated drums.But the rapping of the two is ferocious and they carry the whole song on their shoulders with the utmost efficiency.

‘Woh Raat’ has just a ton of attitude where the two are collectively venting out their frustration of a time gone wrong.

The video of the song features a lot of breakdance, style, and cars, though it doesn’t really match up with the song thematically because it isn’t exactly about cars or booze.

Composed and written collectively, the song witnesses both the rappers understanding each other’s individual style very well and letting one take over the other, because while their rapping has tonal similarities, Raftaar is more gangsta while Kr$na is more freestyle, allowing them to create an awesome groovy hip-hop track.



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