Public Star becomes sensational !       2017-01-03   00:31:55  IST  Raghu V

‘Burning Star’ Sampoornesh Babu created sensation in Tollywood with his film ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’. Usually heroes become stars once they get huge fan following. But Sampoornesh Babu created sensation by claiming himself to be Burning Star. He became popular through social media. Now another hero following the similar route. He is Siva Jonnnalagadda. He is coming up with the movie ‘Police Power’ and he is claiming himself to be Public Star.

The trailer of Police Power movie released recently and created sensation in the social media, not that the trailer is extremely good but it reminded the netizens of Hrudaya Kaleyam. One more interesting aspect of Public Star is that he is not only hero of the film. He is the writer, choreographer, music director, director of this film.

He tried to imitate Balayya with one of his popular dialogues with a slight variation.. “Dress veshanante police commissioner.. teeshanante rowdy commissioner.. choice is yours “. Whatever be the case Public Star became popular in social media in a short span of time !