Protester Miraculously Survives After Train Runs Over Him At Bihta Railway Station

Protester miraculously survives after train runs over him at Bihta railway station

Patna, Dec 6 : A man miraculously survived at Bihar’s Bihta railway station after he got trapped in between the tracks and the Patna-Lokmanya Tilak Terminal (Mumbai) superfast train ran over him on Wednesday.

 Protester Miraculously Survives After Train Runs Over Him At Bihta Railway

The victim was identified as Chandan Kumar Verma, who was among those protesting against the Indian Railway at Patna-Deen Dayal Upadhyay main line for Bihta-Aurangabad railway project which is pending since 2007.

Verma survived with minor injuries.He was admitted to a private hospital where doctors have discharged him after preliminary treatment.

The incident happened at a time when hundreds of protestors assembled at Bihta railway station and were on the tracks when the train came in.This led to chaos as protestors started running away.

Verma was not lucky as he fell in the middle of the track and the train ran over him.

The driver, however, had pressed the brakes but by that time, 7 to 8 coaches ran over him apart from the engine.

The Bihta- Aurangabad railway project was laid down in 2007 by then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav but has been pending since then despite a number of protests.

“We have been protesting under the banner of the Bihta-Aurangabad railway project committee for years.Several governments came and went but work did not progress on it.We have given prior information to the railway in advance for this protest, still the train came on the track and one of our protestor brothers came under it.It is the negligence of the station master, driver, and guard.We want immediate termination of them,” Rajendra Yadav, member of Bihta-Aurangabad railway project committee, said.



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