Pic Talk : Cleavage show to win the world     2017-01-08   23:07:38  IST  Raghu V

Admit it, Priyanka Chopra has become much hotter with the passage of time and after the beginning of new innings in Hollywood. The actress has changed her entire wardrobe to meet the basic fashion requirements what a Hollywood Actress should possess to gain the attention of paparazzi.

Priyanka Chopra has mingled with the western culture without wasting anytime. The Bollywood – Hollywood actress is now regarded as on the most dead drop looking ladies in the H-Town. Her attire has brought this spotlight on her.

- Attending the Golden Globes Awards, Priyanka once again has given a fashion statement with a glittering outfit which flaunts her cleavage. She is literally playing the typical Hollywood actress to win the world.