Pramod Sawant-led Govt Bought Over Money, It Will Go After Lok Sabha Poll: Manickam Tagore

Pramod Sawant-led govt bought over money, it will go after Lok Sabha poll: Manickam Tagore

Panaji, Dec 1 : Goa Congress In-Charge, Manickam Tagore, has said that after BJP government loses in Delhi after the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant-led government will also collapse in Goa, which he alleged was formed after buying over MLAs with money and also with the pressure of the central agencies.

The Congress leader is in Goa on a two-day visit to review the party’s work in the coastal state.

“Exit polls are coming now.You can see people of India have decided to vote out Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and they are very clear that BJP will be defeated in every state, be it Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana,” Tagore added on Thursday.

Speaking about the two Lok Sabha seats of the coastal state, the Congress leader said: “We will win both the seats in Goa as the people of the state have decided to vote out the corrupt government of Pramod Sawant and the day the Lok Sabha election is over, the Goa government will also fall,” he said.

“We have a programme and we will guarantee for the people.They believe in guarantees… they will vote and it is very clear that the way we won in Karnataka, Himachal and the way we are winning the states which recently went to the polls, we will also win Goa in the Lok Sabha election,” he added.

“You write it… after the Lok Sabha election when the BJP government in Delhi falls, the Pramod Sawant-led Goa government will go, because this government is formed over buying MLAs through money and pressure through central agencies,” he reiterated.

The Congress leader said that the Congress is working with like-minded parties in Goa to foster the opposition INDIA bloc, which he said is strong at the national level.

He added that names of candidates for the Lok Sabha polls will be declared at the right time.

“Before announcing the name of candidates, it is discussed at the local level and a survey is being done, then the process goes ahead with the screening committee,” he said.



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