Prakash Raj Announced Resignation From MAA

Prakash Raj, who lost MAA election, has announced his resignation from MAA membership.His resignation has already been sent to MAA President Manchu Vishnu as well.

 Prakash Raj Announced Resignation From

MAA members defeated me with the intention of not being a local.I do not want to be among such people.

He expressed dissatisfaction with why we should continue in MAA when I do not deserve to be president.Prakash Raj is unable to digest the defeat in our elections.

Prakash Raj Has 25years bond with Film Industry even though some people told me that I’m not a local.

Many are urging him to withdraw his resignation.

Even President Manchu Vishnu is already told that victories and defeats are natural.Prakash Raj said the defeat was not an excuse to take such a decision and appealed for the resignation.

Prakash Raj, who does not want to continue as a member of MAA, clarified that he will not change his decision at all.Once again responding to giving up MAA membership on Twitter .I think there is a big reason behind leaving MAA.I made this decision after much thought.My resignation has deep meaning.He said thank you to everyone who supported him.

He said he would be proud of MAA members who stood up for him but would never make them bow their heads.He said that he has been supported by many people as long as he is in MAA.He also thanked all of them.Prakash Raj said he would soon reveal the deeper meaning behind his resignation.

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