Manipur Has Rediscovered Powerful IEDs After A Terrorist Attack

Imphal, Nov 15, : , Police said Monday that they recovered three Powerful IEDs (Improvised Explosive Disposable Devices) from three Manipur locations.They were equipped with a digital watch and a mobile handset.
The police added that a Powerful IED, wrapped in black polythene, was found near the house gate of one Aribam Sashikumar Sharma at Khongman in Imphal East district on Monday.Police also stated that an IED with a strong explosive, wrapped in black plastic, was discovered near the home gate of Aribam Sashikumar Sharma, Khongman, Imphal East on Monday.

 Manipur Has Rediscovered Powerful Ieds After A Terrorist

Bomb and dog squads were rushed to the area and defused the IED fitted with a digital watch connected with two 9-volt battery along with one tiffin box.Bomb and dog squads were quickly dispatched to the scene and defused an IED.The IED was equipped with a digital watch that connected to two 9-volt batteries and one tiffin container.

One special detonator, gelatin (500 gm) and splinters were found inside the tiffin container.

 Manipur Has Rediscovered Powerful IEDs After A Terrorist Attack-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

The tiffin box contained a special detonator, gelatin (550 gm), and splinters.

On Sunday, another Powerful IED fixed with a mobile phone handset was recovered by the police near the residence of MLA, L.Shusindro Singh at Khurai Chingangbam Leikai under Porompat police station in the same Imphal East district in which one person was arrested.Another Powerful IED, this time with a cell phone handset, was found by police at the residence of L.Shusindro Singh.It was located in Khurai Chingangbam Leikai, the same Imphal East area as the arrest.

In another incident on Sunday, the police recovered a bag containing as many as 20 hand-made crude bombs from the roadside near Yangbi primary school under Hiyanglam police station in Kakching district.Another incident occurred on Sunday when the police found a bag with as many as 20 crude bombs made by hand from the roadside of Yangbi primary school in Kakching district.

On Saturday, Assam Rifles in a joint operation with Manipur Police recovered 20 M-79 grenade also known as ‘Lathode’ hidden in a jute bag near Wabagai Yanbi High school in Kakching district.Assam Rifles and Manipur Police seized 20 M-79 grenades also known as ‘Lathode,’ which were hidden in a jute bag in the vicinity of Wabagai Yanbi high school in Kakching district.

The recovered ammunition was destroyed by the bomb disposal squad, officials said on Monday.Officials said Monday that the bomb disposal team destroyed the ammunition.

Assam Rifles Colonel Viplav Tripathi and four soldiers of the paramilitary forces were gunned down by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) militants in the bordering Churachandpur district along Myanmar.Assam Rifles Colonel ViplavTripathi and four paramilitary soldiers were killed by People’s Liberation Army, (PLA), and Manipur Naga People’s Front militants in Churachandpur district near Myanmar.

Tripathi’s wife and their nine-year-old son were also killed in the militant attack.Tripathi’s nine-year-old son and wife, as well as their husband, were also killed by the militant attack.For the first time, the militants in the northeast killed the family members of a security official.The militants killed security officials’ family members for the first time in the northeast.

A combined force of the Army, Assam Rifles and Manipur Police commandos continued their operation on Monday to nab the militants.On Monday, a combined force of the Army and Assam Rifles as well as Manipur Police commandos continued to pursue the militants.

The incident took place near Sekhen village, as the militants first detonated IEDs and then fired on the convoy of 46 Battalion Assam Rifles, when Col.Tripathi along with his family members was going to supervise a civic action programme in Churachandpur.The incident occurred near Sekhen village.IEDs were first detonated by the militants, then they fired on the convoy carrying 46 Battalion Assam Rifles.Col.Tripathi was attending a civic action program in Churachandpur with his family members.

Police and intelligence officials suspect that the guerrillas came from Myanmar and after the Attack went back over the border.Police and intelligence officers suspect that the guerrillas originated from Myanmar and crossed the border to retaliate.

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