“Pon Manickavel”: An Unsolved Murder Mystery (IANS Rating:**)

By Manigandan K.R.Film: “Pon Manickavel” (Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar).Duration: 138 minutes.

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Director: A.C.Mugil Chellappan.Cast: Prabhu, Nivetha, Mahendran and Suresh Menon.Sudhashu Pandey is the ‘Bahubali’ Prabhakar.
IANS Rating:

“Pon Manickavel” is directed by Mugil Chellappan and has all the elements necessary for Tamil cinema’s commercial success at that time.

Songs, dances and fights are all part of ‘Pon Manickavel.It’s a tale that’s full of sentimentality.The times have changed, audiences have evolved and so the story no longer impresses.

It begins with an act of brutal murder.

First, the Chief Justice of a High Court gets shot to death and then is beheaded.Cops are baffled by the fact that the judge’s body has four bullet marks, but not bullets.

The fact that both bullets that killed the judge were fired from different guns adds to the problem.The bullets used to kill the judge are not of the same type.

The pressure on the government to solve the case of the shocking murder continues to mount and the police are forced to call in Pon Manickavel, Prabhu Deva, one of their top cops.The film is about how he solves the mystery.

Although the film begins on a high note, it quickly loses its focus.Instead of focusing on the investigation, it becomes too busy showing and establishing altruism in the hero.

One sequence shows the hero using kindness to obtain the information from the man being interrogated.Another shows him saving the life of an underpaid policeman and winning his loyalty.

It doesn’t end there.The film shows Pon Manickavel as a faithful husband to Anbarasi, played by Nivetha Pethuaraj.

He waits outside for Anbarasi to complete her exams while he investigates a shocking case.

Once the story has been done, it returns the attention to the actual case.

Some critical sections of the case are narrated quickly, which makes the story lose its energy.

If unnecessary fight-and song sequences had been removed, the film would have been much more entertaining.

Nivetha PETURAJ as Anbarasi is a great performer.Although she doesn’t have much, she excels at the parts she does.

Prabhu Devi, playing Pon Manickavel, a police officer for the first time, doesn’t seem convincing.While he does perform well in some sequences of the film, he is too thin in others, particularly those that involve fights.

Suresh Menon’s performance of Arjun K.Maran is commendable, as well as that of Mahendran (late director), who portrays the role Nasrathulla.

Music is the film’s greatest asset.The background music by D.Imman is simply amazing.This score plays an important role in helping director communicate the atmosphere of each sequence to their audience.K.G.K.G.Venkatesh’s visuals look clean and are clutter-free.

“Pon Manickavel” has a story.

But it’s not entertaining enough or interesting enough.

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