Police filed Chakri’s case as Suspicious Death     2015-01-15   06:28:39  IST  Raghu V

It has been no time since talented music composer Chakri left us with his memories, the disputes in his family have ripened and new doubts over his death have arisen.As per sources police reconsidered the case and a ‘suspicious death’ is filed by police on ‘unknown’ under IPC section 174 in Jubilee hills police station.

Chakri’s mother G Vidyavathi recently lodged a complaint against Chakri’s wife Sravani at the Jubilee Hills police station. She raised doubts over Chakri’s death and expressed suspicion on Sravani. They even informed police that Sravani warned them many times on phone and even threatened to kill Chakri twice.

Before to that Sravani also lodged a harassment case over Chakri’s mother Vidyavati, brother Mahath and 9 others of her in-law family in Jubilee Hills police station .Sravani said that she has many doubts on her husband’s death and expressed suspicion on her in laws. She said his food may have been poisoned.

These allegations and counter allegations have led police to take this up as a death due to unnatural reasons.When the entire tollywood is mourning for Chakri’s death these “poisoning” claims are just not going well with his fans.