Police Arrests TDP Leader Running Prostitution Racket!  

Being a politician doesn’t mean everything will go your way.Yes, if your party is in the ruling you might have a say in your constitution.

Police Arrests TDP Leader Running Prostitution Racket!-Tdp Arrested Tdp Racket Tdp Leaders Attacked

What if your party is sitting in the opposition? You would surely be put behind bars for your anti-social activities.

In the latest development, a TDP leader running prostitution racket was arrested by the police.

Going into details, TDP leader Pinninti Ravi Shankar has been running a prostitution racket according to the police.‘We received information that a local political leader is running a prostitution racket in Bucchayya Nagar Colony in Pidimgoyya Gram Panchayat limits (Rajamahendravaram Rural).

Upon reaching the location we charged on the house and found Pinninti Ravi Shankar with two women.We have taken all the three of them into custody.Vande Kishore who arrived at the scene a while later has also been taken into custody’, the local police said.It is also learned that a TDP Youth leader has tried in best of his abilities to get the TDP leader released.But his efforts have gone in vain.

‘Liquor bottle and Biryani packets have been found in the house.

Locals also confirmed that they have seen many cars being parked around Pinninti Ravi Shankar’s house.The two women tried to deceive us by saying they came purchase silver ornaments from Ravi Shankar, who is a silver ornament trader by profession’, said a police official.

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Police Arrests Tdp Leader Running Prostitution Racket!-tdp Leader Arrested,tdp Leader Running Prostitution Racket,tdp Leaders Attacked Related....