Police Arrests Director Running A Brothel!  

The entertainment industry is all about glamour and makeup.But behind the layers of makeup, and the glamour world there lies a deep network of prostitution.

Police Arrests Casting Director Running A Brothel!-Casting Couch Bollywood Director Brothel Prostitution Film Industry

This isn’t new for the industry personnel and the celebrities.There have been cases in the past of high profile celebrities working as high-paid escorts apart from films.

In the latest case, the Mumbai policed had made arrests, after they caught a casting director running a brothel.32-year old Prem Lal Arya has been working as a casting director in Bollywood flilm industry for the past few years.Given his work nature, most of the upcoming actresses, and yet-to-debut young women approach him for a role in the upcoming film.

Taking advantage of the situation, Prem Lal Arya slowly forced many young women into prostitution.

According to police, he has been running the brothel for the past five years.‘He often supplies women to people within the industry.

Even today we caught him red-handed at a 5-star hotel along with a woman.We recorded the statement of two women against him in this case’, said a Mumbai crime branch police officer.

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