Thomas Dennerby, Coach Of The Indian Women’s Soccer Team, Said That Playing Against Brazil Is A Huge Motivation.

New Delhi, Nov 24, : As part of preparations for next years’ AFC Asian Cup, the Indian women’s Soccer Team will face Brazil on November 26.The head Coach Thomas Dennerby believes the girls are more than just motivated to face Brazil.
“We all admire them, but there’s a lot to be learned from them.” Dennerby stated that playing against them is a motivator for all of us.

 Thomas Dennerby, Coach Of The Indian Women’s Soccer Team, Said That Playing Against Brazil Is A Huge

The Indians will also face Venezuela and Chile in the tournament in Manaus, Brazil.

“The Team managed to fit in four training sessions.There’s a lot excitement in the Team, because Brazil is a very strong footballing nation and we often follow many of the Brazilian players ourselves.He said that India is currently ranked at 57th in the FIFA Women’s Rankings while Brazil is placed 50 spots higher.

Captain Ashalata Devi, citing the superior level of the opponents believes it will be a Huge opportunity for the Indian Women’s Team.

Brazil is obviously an important Team, they are higher in the rankings than us, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have this kind of an opportunity against them.

Ashalata said that this is a great opportunity to learn from them.

It will be India’s first encounter with Brazil in senior football.

Brazil will see the end of Formiga Mota, their legendary midfielder.

Ashalata spoke out about some of the world’s top football stars who will be facing the Indian Women’s Team.She said that they had prepared for the match for three months.I’m excited to play against Marta (Dsilva), and Formiga.We will do our best to stop them.”

Although India is facing a much stronger opponent, Thomas Dennerby, the head Coach, has not been deterred from his Team’s goal.

“The mentality that I bring to the matches is to win it.He said that he never told his players that he was happy with a loss of 0-1 or 2.”But, we must also understand that you can’t win every game.We want to win, so we don’t want to lose any match, and we will fight until the end.

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