Plants That Give Oxygen At Home  

There is no life without oxygen and the levels of oxygen on our mother Earth won’t be the same without trees and plants.They are those selfless things which inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen for us, human beings.

Need not tell how our lives are dependent on oxygen.Having said that, we, humans don’t really value Oxygen as we should.

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We maintain no cleanness around our surroundings and we don’t even bother inhaling the polluted air.Instead, what we should do ? We must plant tress that can provide oxygen in our premises.What are those, you may ask.

* Neem is a very natural purifier of air.

It works as a natural pesticide which kills all the bacteria including harmful insects and their eggs.So, it prevents fungal properties from entering the premises it has been planted.

* If you tell the importance of Tulasi as a religious person, not many will understand the benefits hidden in it.Instead, narrate them the logic and science behind Tulasi.

It is another natural air purifier since ages in India.

* Ever asked yourself why Gutama Buddha used to meditate under a Peepal Tree ? Because it is a great supplier of oxygen.It prevents many diseases including diabetes.

* Areca Palm kills all the harmful gases in the air.

It filters the air and generates oxygen levels.

* Aloe Vera is an all rounder.

It almost treats everything including polluted air.It repairs the air by eradicating the harmful elements.

* Snake Plant is a durable plant which also works as an air purifier.It’s easy to plant and maintain it.So, why don’t you have one ?

* Orchids are beautiful and they are also beneficial.Plant them near your bed room for a peaceful sleep.

It supplies lots of oxygen at the night times.

* Orange Gebera would surprise you big time.This sun flower looking like plant can also cancer causing germs in the air.It’s an amazing air purifier.