Pic Talk:Hate campaign against Pawan Kalyan       2014-07-18   01:14:22  IST  Raghu V

A smear campaign started against Pawan Klayan in social media circles.Its known that Pawan Kalyan played instrumental role in TDP victory and the actor has completely disappeared from the scene. Post the elections Pawan was nowhere to be seen, not even a presser nor a visit to console the victims of GAIL and Beas tragedy.

Pawan had promised that he would take the rulers to task but his silence over the ongoing issues angered many of the fans.Now a controversial poster of Pawan Kalyan is going viral on social networking sites which portraits Pawan Kalyan as Shikhandi of Mahabharat .

It was made as a movie poster with the movie name being Sikhandi. Pawan was shown with head tonsured and robed in a white saree. Some suspect the ‘hand’ of anti-Pawan fans and supporters of other political parties behind the hate campaign.