People In African Country Go To Bars To Drink Milk

Bars opened in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda in Africa.All are crowded.

 People In African Country Go To Bars To Drink

However, those who come to these bars come to drink milk instead of alcohol.People go to the bar every day in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda in Africa.Drink milk there.The New York Times reports that this is part of their tradition.The reasons given by those who come here to drink milk are reasonable.A motorcycle driver said he drank milk a day to stay calm.

He also revealed that drinking milk also reduces stress.He said many people with him would come to the bar to drink milk for the same reason.

Milk is a very popular drink in Rwanda.Men and women are seen together in milk bars here.

The bars here serve cold milk as well as hot milk.They are interested in eating cakes, breads and bananas along with milk.

Milk is associated with the country’s tradition and history.Milk plays an important role in the economy of this country.

Cows are very important in the income of the people here.The 1994 massacre in this country killed 8 lakh people.Most of them are called Tutis.With the country recovering from that carnage, People doing efforts to gain malnutrition and strengthen the country economically.

President Paul Kagame launched the Girinka program in 2006.According to this every poor family in the country is given a cow.The government of that country has so far distributed 3 lakh 80 thousand cows there.Prime Minister Narendra Modi also distributed 200 cows to a village in the country.

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