Pawan Kalyan’s Heroine Quits South Films  

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Nikesha Patel, the popular multilingual actress who made her debut with Power Star Pawan Kalyan in ‘Puli’ way back in 2010, hasn’t had a big success in these 10 years of her acting career down South.She was last seen in Telugu alongside Sairam Shankar in ‘Araku Road Lo’ which turned out to be a huge disaster. - Pawan Kalyan’s Heroine Quits South Films

Now, this hot beauty has decided to quit the southern film industry and has sifted base to her hometown London.This British born actress of Gujarati origin will now try her luck in the British film and television industry.

It is also said that Nikesha has signed a contract with a London based agency and she is also aspiring to foray into Hollywood by associating with an agency in LA.

Speaking to a popular English daily, Nikisha regretted that she hadn’t been able to establish herself in the way she would have liked to, though it has been a decade since she entered showbiz and expressed that it was a very tough decision to make.Apparently, the actress was disheartened with the kind of films she was offered in south India.

Nikisha has worked in more than 25 films in the Telugu, Tamil and Kannada industries.She currently has three Tamil movies ready for release and four more are in the pipeline.So she will be shuttling between London and Chennai until she wraps up these movies.

Wishing all the success for her future career!

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