Pawan Kalyan To Play ‘Pirate’ Role In Krish Movie?  

Shocking everyone, Pawan Kalyan gave his re-entry into Tollywood.After the actor-cum-politician shifted to politics, he announced that he would not do any more films.

Pawan Kalyan To Play ‘pirate’ Role In Krish Movie? - Telugu Movie Latest Film Pink Remake

To everyone’s surprise, he announced that he will do films, to support himself and his family financially.

While his re-entry movie ‘Lawyer Saab’, a remake of Bollywood hit Pink, will hit screens on May 15, according to the film’s producer Dil Raju, his movie with Krish will release in September.

It was rumoured that Pawan Kalyan is playing the role of a bandit.But according to the latest developments, the role will have similarities to that of a pilot.

Set in the Mughal period of ancient India, Pawan Kalyan character is more of a Robin Hood-style with dark humour and entertainment along the way.A huge set of a ship has been erected in the Aluminum factor for the movie.Key scenes on the principal cast of the film will be panned, sources said.