Pawan Kalyan Decides Not Take Remuneration From That Producer!  

Producers run after star heroes for their dates.After managing to get the hero’s dates, the run for the perfect script and apt director.

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Just when things seem to settle down, the movie budget gives them almost a heart attack.Yet, they manage to pool in the money somehow or the other, and make sure they release the film on the date.

In short, this is the story of any producer wanting to do a film with a star hero.

Currently, producer AM Ratnam is on the brink of a financial collapse according to industry sources.

Yet, he is producing the Pawan Kalyan Krish movie on a massive budget of Rs 100 Crores.The Mughal periodical film shows Pawan Kalyan as Bandit.

Speculations were rife that Pawan Kalyan would charge anywhere between Rs 40 Crores – Rs 50 Crores for the films he signed recently.

According to the latest developments, producer AM Ratnam reportedly approached Pawan Kalyan and asked him to opt for profit sharing, rather than taking a huge remuneration.

And Pawan Kalyan too agreed for the same, keeping the producer in mind.