Pattabhi’s Wife Alleges ‘Life Threat’ To Her Husband

Vijayawada police have arrested the TDP Spokesperson Pattabhi.Pattabhi’s wife Chandana responded to Pattabhiram’s arrest.Speaking to the media, she said that there is a ‘mortal Threat’ for her husband.She said that she has no trust in AP police.

 Pattabhi’s Wife Alleges ‘life Threat’ To Her

However, she held AP CM and AP DGP Gautam Sawang responsible if anything happens to her husband.She said that police forcefully broke down the main door and entered to arrest her husband.

Also, she criticized that police failed to arrest people who attacked their house on October 19.

Speaking on this occasion, Pattabhi’s wife said that the police were angry, and they did not even say where he was being taken.She said that the police refused to show the copy of the FIR when she asked.She said that the police issued an arrest notice under CrPC 50.

Police said they were taking Pattabhi into custody under Section 120B.Pattabhi was taken to the Governor Peta police station in Vijayawada.Pattabhi was currently in police custody.Barricades and tight security was set up at the police station to prevent anyone from getting there.

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