Pakistan Opposed To New Security Council Permanent Members

New Delhi, November 16 : Pakistan on Tuesday reiterated its opposition to the Group of Four (India, Brazil, Germany, and Japan) for permanent UNSC seats, Express Tribune reported.
Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Munir Akram took part in a debate and stated that there is no justification for creating new centres of privilege within the UN.Pakistan’s Permanent Rep to the UN was Ambassador Munir Akram who participated in the debate.He stated that it is not right for the UN to create new privilege centres.

 Pakistan Opposed To New Security Council Permanent

“Any country seeking a more frequent presence on the Security Council should do so by subjecting itself to the democratic process of periodic election by the General Assembly,” Munir maintained, as per the report.Munir stated that any country seeking to be more frequently represented on the Security Council must submit itself to periodic elections by the General Assembly.

Referring to the Italy/Pakistan-led Uniting for Consensus (UfC) group’s bid for expansion of the 15-member Council in the two-year non-permanent category, Munir stated that the group remains staunchly opposed to proposals for permanent membership for individual member states, the report said.Munir spoke out against the proposal of Italy/Pakistan-led Uniting for Consensus to expand the 15-member Council under the two-year, non-permanent category.

The report stated that Munir believes the group is opposed to permanent membership for any individual member state.

The Pakistani envoy said that UfC continues to believe that its proposal for a comprehensive reform of the UNSC offers the best basis for a compromise.

According to the Pakistani Envoy, UfC believes that UfC’s proposal for comprehensive UNSC reform is the most viable basis for reaching a compromise.

Citing the inability of permanent members to agree on decisive action, he said that adding new permanent members will only multiply the prospect of paralysis, the report said.

The report stated that he cited the inability to reach agreement among permanent members on decisive actions and said adding permanent members would only increase the likelihood of paralysis.

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