Pak Military Sources Say Zardari Should Name Person Who Contacted Him

Pak military sources say Zardari should name person who contacted him

New Delhi, Dec 22 : Asif Ali Zardari should name the person who had contacted him on behalf of the Pakistan establishment and sought his help for a future setup, a senior Pakistan defence source said, The News reported.

 Pak Military Sources Say Zardari Should Name Person Who Contacted

The source lamented that every now and then statements are made and hints are given about “deals” (with Pak establishment) which is both unfortunate and irresponsible.

If Zardari is truthful, he should name the person who had contacted him and sought his help, the source said.The source, holding an important position, said that the defence officials do not want to get engaged in any unnecessary debate with such politicians, who are issuing weird statements without any solid basis, the report said.

The source said there is a general trend of blaming the military establishment for every matter.Often people talk about “deals” with the establishment but never name those who are approaching them or with whom they are making the “deals”.

PPP Co-Chairman and former Pak president Asif Ali Zardari said Monday that he had to think of the future, as those who had formulas were asking for help.He did not name the military establishment, but it was clear from his indirect reference given in his speech.

Without naming anyone, the former president said he had told certain quarters no talks possible till the government was sent packing, the report said.

According to Pak military sources, Zardari must name the person who called him

According to the source, there’s a tendency to blame everything on the military establishment.

People often talk of “deals” with the military establishment, but they don’t name the people who approach them or the ones with whom the deals are being made.
Asif Ali Zardari, former president of Pak, was the PPP co-chairman.

He said Monday that he needed to look at the future because those with formulas are asking for assistance.Although he did not mention the name of the military establishment in his speech, it is clear that he indirectly referred to them.

The report stated that the ex-president said that he told certain quarters that no negotiations were possible until the government was sent packing.

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