\'One Nation, One Emotion, One Identity,\' Says Mahesh Babu

“One nation, one emotion or identity is the adage of Mahesh Babu

Chennai 15 August : Affirming to the country and its citizens a very happy Independence day.Telugu star Mahesh Babu declared that India is a nation with one emotion and one identity.
On Twitter, Mahesh Babu greeted the people on the celebration of the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence Day, Mahesh Babu tweeted: “One nation.One emotion.

 'one Nation, One Emotion, One Identity,' Says Mahesh Babu-TeluguStop.com

One identity! We are celebrating 75 years of Independence!”

Another Telugu star, Allu Arjun, too welcomed people to the event.Allu Arjun said: “Happy 75th Independence Day.We are grateful for those who gave their lives for freedom.Vande Maataram.”

Actress Hansika tweeted: “This day is the result of millions of people who gave their lives to give us with this freedom.Let us be a part of the celebration and continue to Carry this incredible gift to improve our country.We wish you all a joyful Independence Day.”

The actor Gopichand stated: “Happy 75th Independence Day to all Indians.Let’s be proud of our bright future, as we remember the brave soldiers who fought to make us what we are today.”Happy Independence Day!”

Tamil actor Gautham Karthik who is the son of famous actor Karthik said: “Taking a moment to think about the amazing journey that has occurred in the country of ours since 1947.I wish a Happy Independence Day to all.”

National Award winning music director and actor G.V.Prakash who was among those who wish the masses wrote: “Happy 75th Independence Day dear people.We remember all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to our cause as well as all our soldiers who defend us at the border.#IndiaAt75”