Ntr Faster Than Pawan And Mahesh

NTR faster than Pawan and Mahesh

Akkineni Nagarjuna has made an interesting statement to note down.While revealing why NTR walked out of Oopiri he also stated that NTR is one of the few heroes who gained stardom before entering into 30’s.

 Ntr Faster Than Pawan And Mahesh-TeluguStop.com

” Initially, we considered NTR for Karthi’s role.Due to call sheets issue, he walked out of the film.So, we hired Karthi.Very less people in our industry gave gained stardom before 30 years of age.NTR is one among them.Mahesh Babu, Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan .All these have gained stardom only after 30 years of age,” said Nagarjuna.

Now that’s a interesting point.

Now don’t start calculating when Kushi was released and when Okkadu was released.In any sense, NTR have gained stardom faster than Mahesh and Pawan.Can’t deny.

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