Not NTR but this actor will host Bigg Boss 2?     2017-10-04   04:19:18  IST  Raghu V

Bigg Boss Telugu and Tamil have been the most talked topics in the Southern states in recent past. While the Telugu Bigg Boss was organised for 70 days, Tamil Bigg Boss was carried out for 100 days. Both versions have recorded record TRP’s for the respective channels. After raking top spots and super profits from the shows, the makers of Bigg Boss have already started preparations for the second season in Telugu and Tamil languages.

But here is a shocker of a news or a rumour. NTR and Kamal Haasan, who built the initial season would not continue as the host for the second one. If rumors are to believed, Suriya would replace Kamal Haasan in the Tamil version and Nani would replace NTR for the Telugu Bigg Boss.

The second season of Bigg Boss Telugu is expected to commence in the month of April. At that point of time, NTR will be busy shooting for Trivikram’s film. The actor might have thought to give himself time to work on his project without any distraction. Or else, he would not like reveal the new look he is going to sport in the film. If not that, there might be misunderstandings between the actor and Star MAA. For whatever reasons, Nani is rumoured to be replacing NTR for Bigg Boss season 2.