No Sale Or Purchase Of Land Near Sankardev\'s First Worship Place: Assam CM

No sale or purchase of land near Sankardev’s first worship place: Assam CM

Guwahati, Sep 24 : On the occasion of the 575th birth anniversary of Srimanta Sankardev, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday inaugurated a number of infrastructure projects costing a total of Rs 22 crore at “Batadrava Thaan” — the first worship place set up by the 15th century neo-Vaishnavite saint in Assam.

 No Sale Or Purchase Of Land Near Sankardev's First Worship Place: Assam

Sarma asserted that the state government is coming up with new act to ‘protect’ the “Batadrava Thaan”.

He said soon a law would be enacted to prevent sale and purchase of land within the 8-km range of “Batadrava Thaan” premises to “non-indigenous” communities.

“The District Commissioner has been instructed not to give his assent to sale-purchase of land to and by people belonging to non-indigenous communities till the Act is brought in and implemented,” Sarma added.

Sankardev was born at Alipukhuri near Bordowa in present-day Nagaon district and the “Batadrava Thaan” is also located at this place.Therefore, the importance of this place in Assamese society is immense.

This apart, Sarma also formally launched the year-long celebration of the 575th birth anniversary celebration of Srimanta Sankardev.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Minister asserted that the state government has been relentlessly working for development of the revered “Batadrava Thaan” and the projects inaugurated manifest that very tireless commitment of the current dispensation in Assam.

He added that in days to come, steps will be taken to beautify the two ponds in the “Thaan” premises, build parking spaces for visitors’ vehicles, washrooms-toilets for the convenience of the devotees, among others.

Sarma stated that the progress on the developmental activities that were initiated outside the “Batadrava Thaan” premises were going on in full swing and that till date, around 81 per cent of those works have been completed.

“While the first phase’s project cost was estimated at Rs 50 crore, a total of Rs 114 crore shall be spent in the second phase of development activities.In addition to the beatification process of Batadrava Thaan, the government of Assam has decided to work on beautification of another 21 sites directly related to Srimanta Sankardev,” he added.



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