No.1 Pornstar Answers 5 Common $ex Questions

Q) Does size matter? (Penis size)

 No.1 Pornstar Answers 5 Common $ex

Mia Khalifa – “I don’t think it does.It’s your confidence which will make your d*ck bigger.As far as I know and feel, it’s all about what the girl feels about the man and not just what he is doing.I can only suggest men to be confident and strong.Don’t skip foreplay.If it is too small, keeping pillows under her back would help.

But don’t attempt positions like doggy

Q) Where is and what is G-spot?

Mia Khalifa – “G-spot is on the top wall of vagina halfway between the opening and the cervix.It has a rough surface.

So, if you are fingering her, it would feel like a nut.Not every girl feels the same about it.Personally, I prefer clitoris stimulation over G-Spot stimulation”

Q) How long should a $ex session last?

Mia Khalifa – “It depends on partners.But I would say, a quickie should last somewhere between 5-7 minutes and an intimate session should be around 10-15 mins.Not more than that.I don’t like long sessions.It makes everyone tired.”

Q) How about going down to her if penis is small? Does that compensate?

Mia Khalifa – “I am every ticklish.I laugh when someone goes down to me.I don’t really enjoy.But most of the girls do.Again, I would say, it depends upon the girl whom you are with.Ask her what she needs”

Q) How to make a girl orgasm?

Mia Khalifa – “The same, it depends upon the individual.But most of us love to be involved more in foreplay.

If she loves you, it becomes much easier.Giving her orgasm is a combination of different efforts.

Stimulation of different body parts, kissing and penetration at pace what she wants”

Note – the conversation has been summarised and presented in a different way from an interview with men’s health


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