Nithin Bheeshma Movie Teaser Review  

Nithin Bheeshma movie official teaser was released on Sunday morning by the film unit.Starring Nithin and Rashmika, directed by Venky Kudumula, the teaser presents Nithin as Bheeshma who portrays the role of a meme creator.

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This movie looks more or less similar to his earlier films, and Nithin with his quirky attitude, once again shows his romantic angle, action side and comedy one-liners.

Director Venky presented the teaser with a fighting scene, followed by Nithin’s punch dialogues that were hilarious.

Overall the teaser looked promising and entertaining.Director cleverly introduces all the main characters like Vennela Kishore and Raghubabu, with Nithin in the scenes.

The film lacked freshness in spite of comedy and fun-filled moments all throughout the teaser.Despite this, Nithin fans are hoping the film will have a good narration and a storyline.

Youth can be attracted to the chemistry between Rashmika and Nithin.The teaser also showed very little on the pretty actress, and focussed more on Nithin’s Punch lines and action scenes to make it an overall presentation.

The teaser also gave a glimpse of the beautiful musical side, composed by music director Mahati Swara Sagar.

Coming under Harika & Haasini banners and produced by Naga Vamsi, ‘Bheeshma’ is all set to release on 21St of February.

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