Nirbhaya Case Convicts Earnings In Jail Will Shock You!  

With the clock ticking by, the entire nation is waiting for the Nirbhaya case convicts hanging to place.Meanwhile, some interesting news has surfaced.Just like other prisoners, the Nirbhaya case convicts too did work in the jail.They earned quite a bit of amount for their hard work.

Nirbhaya Case Convicts Earnings In Jail Will Shock You!-Nirbhaya Hanging Criminals

In the latest press release from the jail authorities, it is learned that Mukesh Singh earned Rs 69,000 to his name, while Akshay Kumar failed to earn even a single rupee.

Vinay Sharma earnings totalled to Rs 39,000, and Pavan Gupta earned Rs 29,000.

When questioned why Akshay Kumar failed to earn any money, the jail authorities confirmed that the former did not want to perform any labour tasks.The jail authorities also revealed that Vinay Sharma has been punished 11 times, Pavan Gupta 8 times, Akshay Kumar 3 times, and Mukesh Singh once for indiscipline.

With their hanging to take place on 22nd January at 7:00 am, the jail authorities have reportedly reduced the food given to them.

All four Nirbhaya case convicts are under the complete supervision of the doctors.

The money earned by the four convicts will be given to their respective families.

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